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Horsemanship for Gait with Rick Brighton DVDHorsemanship for Gait with Rick Brighton DVD

Bring Out the Best in Your Gaited Horse!
As an owner, potential buyer, or just learning more about riding gaited horses; this informative DVD is a must have. For novice to advanced riders. Easy to understand and follow. Highlights how good horsemanship and respect for the horse enhance both the horse and rider.

In this DVD you will learn to:

  • cue and reward your horse so they clearly understand what you want
  • help your horse become calmer, more willing, and trusting
  • develop your horse's muscle memory for soundness and a smooth walk and gait
  • improve your horse's gait from the pace and trot
  • identify various gaits, shown in slow motion and real time!
  • improve your feel and timing
  • teach your horse how to be rear wheel drive (engaged) instead of front wheel drive (heavy on the forehand)
  • develop a better relationship with your horse

Price: $40.00 (+tax & shipping)

What People are Saying...

"I sure like your DVD. It is very, very much different from any others I have. Thank you Rick. You and Kim are sure making a difference for horses and their people." Patty K.

"I just watched your DVD for the first time, and really like it. Your continued simple steps, waiting for the horse in order to respond to a cue rather than anticipate, are very helpful. I now understand the stepping pace better in that it is a beginning toward better gaiting. The specific slow video and explanation were great. Nice job! I hope you plan to make more videos." Deb

"This DVD breaks down the basic principles in learning to feel the appropriate give in the horse. Rick takes you through the ground training techniques that translate into riding your horse using the very same cues. This simple to understand DVD teaches you how to get the most enjoyment from your gaited horse. Rick's quiet manner reaches horses without fear and intimidation. I would recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to get the most from their gaited horse." Northwest Horse Source Magazine











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