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Rick BrightonRick Brighton is a respected certified resistance free horsemanship clinician, trainer, and instructor with over 20 years experience training, showing, evaluating, and instructing riders of Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Gaited Morgan's, Paso Fino's, Missouri Fox Trotters, Icelandic's, cross breeds, and non-gaited horses. All breeds are welcome!

He has trained and shown successfully at regional and world levels. Rick is an examiner for the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and is experienced and trained in equine reproduction, shoeing, bitting and saddle fitting. He supports natural sound horses and does not use mechanical or artificial devices (heavy shoes, chains, chemicals, etc) to enhance gait.

Rick’s gentle and humane natural gaited horsemanship program helps riders improve their communication, feel, timing, and their horse’s gait using a quiet, gentle approach. His sought after techniques are simple, easy to understand, and do. He teaches how to work with your horse using a good heart and being respectful to them, building trust and confidence in both horse and rider. Using his years of experience and knowledge working with horses, Rick custom fits each training session, lesson, or clinic to the individual (horse and rider) with a focus on safety in a relaxed setting.

"I have been passionate about horses since I was 12 years old and they teach me something new every day. It is very rewarding to make a connection with each horse, earning their respect and companionship. I like to train and ride horses for pleasure or showing. For me, training and showing a horse that enjoys performing to the best of it's natural ability and doing well in the ring is a personal achievement/confirmation of the teamwork and connection I have with that horse. It is even more rewarding when I am teaching riders and see transformations take place as they learn to communicate and connect in a positive way."

Rick and his wife, Kim, own Brighton Ridge Farm LLC conveniently located 40 minutes SE of Seattle, WA where Rick teaches and trains.

Rick Brighton Specialties:

  • Gaited Horse Lessons
  • Beginning Riding Lessons
  • Intermediate Riding Lessons
  • Performance Riding Lessons
  • Recreational Riding Lessons
  • Youth & Adult Rider Lessons
  • Starting Young Horses
  • Retrains Older Horses
  • Groundwork
  • Performance Horse Training
  • Horsemanship
  • Evaluations
  • Clinics
  • Workshops


  • Rocky Mountain Horse Association
  • Kentucky Mountain Horse Association
  • Spotted Mountain Horse Association
  • Friends of Sound Horses
  • Northwest Gaited Horse Club
  • Examiner for Kentucky Mountain Horse Association







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