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I really appreciate people like you that make the time to help people to over come problems they are having with their horse. My father always said no one ever knows everything about anything. So I always want to learn things before I have gone too far into the problem area... before it gets too ingrained in their brain once that happens it becomes a habit which is much harder to correct. I have been practicing what you have taught me at the Expo and the DVD I bought last summer and now I've had the oppurtunity to have you instruct me a bit more one on one. My colt is still very young and he's got a long way to go. But through persistance and patience I can already see how he is just starting to develop his muscles to be gaiting. Thankyou !! and I hope you are close enough again so I can come to another clinic.

Thank you, Tianay Friend Reagan


I have taken a couple of horse clinics, however this was my first with Rick. He has a great way of explaining not only gaiting techniques, but basic horsemanship skills as well, making it easy to understand and apply to our horses. Every horse in the clinic left a better horse and each rider with an understanding of the work to be continued at home. Rick's demeanor was quiet, kind and caring. He took the time to explain in detail each of the steps in whatever we were working on. Rick was observant and corrected our efforts while we were working and was quick to acknowledge when we were making good progress. I particularly was impressed with Rick when a couple of the horses brought challenges to the training, Rick was very professional, never letting emotion come into play and was always patient and consistent. I believe this is pivotal in good trainers and training. At the completion of the clinic, I left knowing I had the tools to continue my training at home and with a desire to further the instruction in a "part 2" clinic.

Lynda Graham


I am new to Gaited Horses. I purchased my Tennessee Walker, Desert, nearly 7 months ago. When I bought him, all he knew how to do was trot and canter because the people I bought him from were sport horse owners and they broke him of gaiting as they were not familiar with gaited horses. Thinking this should not be too difficult to get him back to gaiting since he is a registered TWH and was bred for gaiting, I soon discovered that it was not going to be a walk in the park. After about a month of my horse throwing fits every time I turned around because I wouldn’t let him be a trotter... I found information about Rick and the clinics he was giving in Northern Washington as well as his Gaited Horsemanship Video and I had to give him a call to seek information and advice. He was gracious with his time, explaining a lot to me about muscle memory and shoeing and a ton of other great information. I purchased his video and it was on my door step within 3 days. I watched the video probably 10 times and felt like I learned something new every time I watched it with the groundwork tips, and I will say both my horse and I have come a long way since I bought him. I was so happy with the turn around I worked with Rick and organized a Clinic at the barn where I board as well as attended the Washington State Horse Expo with my horse for 2 clinics and rode him in the breed parade. Then Rick traveled all the way down to Southwest Washington again to instruct the clinic which went awesome. We had several different breeds of gaited horses all of which had different quirks and needs. He provided great one on one tips and instructions to each of us and at the end of the day we all learned something new, which includes our horses. I know I still have a lot to learn... lots of practice and persistence, but I am thrilled with our progress and look forward to planning a follow up clinic in a few months to continue to better myself and my boy Desert. Thank you Rick... for all you have done... You totally ROCK !!

Linda Amundsen


Between ourselves and friends this is the 5th interaction we have had with Rick and Kim of Brighton Ridge Farms. Each transaction has been a great experience and easy going. Rick went above and beyond helping us obtain Finn and even made a very helpful DVD of his training.

David G., Oxnard, CA


I bought a gaited horse that I was in love with, but had no idea how to overcome the fearful and sometimes stubborn behaviors that he displayed. Someone told me about Rick Brighton and I contacted him. He came out on very short notice to evaluate my horse. He spent a lot of time with us and gave me very simple useful exercises to do to start working out some of the problems we were having. I have worked with Rick for about 1 year now, having a lesson once every 2-3 months and working on my own on the exercises he teaches me . We still have work to do, but I am very happy at the progress we have made in this time. I am very grateful to Rick for showing me how to work with my horse to build a trusting relationship and never making me feel pressured or rushed about the time that he spends working with us.

Janice S., Auburn, WA


When you take a lesson from Rick, you quickly see that he has the knowledge and expertise to lead you where ever you want to go with your horse. He custom fits his teaching to the individual (horse and rider). He can quickly determine if a certain cue is effective, which eliminates wasted time and the frustrations that we have all experienced. His quiet, gentle approach creates a very comfortable and safe experience. It is very apparent that the welfare of the horse is a top priority to him; Rick stresses the importance of giving your horse time to absorb what you work on by offering frequent releases and 'time-outs'. I was seeking a trainer to help me achieve a more consistent gait from my Rocky Mtn Horse; Rick immediately knew exactly what was needed. We made a vast improvement toward our goal after just one lesson. If you are looking for an honest, effective trainer for your horse, you are half way there. Go watch him train.

Freddie A., Arlington, WA

I bought my Kentucky Mountain Horse from a big show barn in Kentucky. He would not stand still for the mounting block, he was very inverted. Would not collect or relax at the poll. He would not stand still in cross ties. When I began resistance free training with Rick, Mojo now stands perfectly still at the mounting block and in the cross ties. He collects now and is very flexible at the poll. A total transformation! The resistance free approach transformed my horse and my riding.

Molli W., Maple Valley, WA


I feel very fortunate to be able to train with Rick. There is something so sincere about his way of teaching and training. You can tell he is teaching things based on his own learning and the many years he has spent helping horses and riders. I really like how he applies his experience, knowledge and natural talent to intuitively figure out what is right for a specific horse or rider, and how they can overcome obstacles and continue to progress in their learning. I especially like his approach to keep things comfortable and safe ("in the green zone") while slowly expanding and building the horse's and the rider's confidence - that makes it fun!

Gisele S., Sedro Woolley, WA

My horse, Clutch, and I are looking to find his gait, and I want to be the best rider I can be. I liked the easy pace - not rushed - calm atmoshphere. I am excited to learn more for an even better relationship/partnership with my horse!

Michelle P., Carnation, WA

I'm in great hands with Rick leading me to safely be with his (and Kim's) beautiful horses to practice being with them. I like Rick's expertise, kind, and skillful manner.

Steve S., Kirkland, WA

Dear Rick and Kim,
Tommy is my second RMH and we hit it off right at the start! He has such a calm demeanor and wants to please every second of every day. I met Rick and Kim in 2003 and had my 11 year old RMH Thunder under training for a month of "fine tuning" and evaluating my ability to communicate well with my horse under saddle. Their patience, understanding of my needs and the needs of my horse, brought me back to them when I wanted to purchase a second RMH. Rick showed me several Rockies for sale, but I was already drawn too much to Tommy. I knew at the first look, there was the connection between horse and human, Tommy and I. Then, I took Tommy for a little ride in the arena and around the property...oh so smooth!! Yep, sold.

As I've told my mom, there are virtually only two people I'd buy Rocky Mountain Horses from, one lives in Kentucky and Rick & Kim Brighton because they understand, respect, and work hard to preserve this great breed. Suffering from multiple back injuries and some days it's hard to get around, even if I'm sore, I can ride either of my horses (puts my back in natural alignment and relieves most of the pain). I've had horses all of my life, but the Rocky is worth all of their weight in gold and I truly support this breed 100%. If I could fill my pasture with more, I'd do it!! They're like Lays Potato Chips, you can't have just one!

Thanks to Rick and Kim who understand this breed, natural horsemanship, gentleness, patience, and only want the best for the horse and rider. You guys are the BEST!! Thank you both for such a wonderful horse and I'll keep you both posted of Thunder and Tommy's adventures!

Jean Y., Bremerton WA


Dear Rick and Kim,
I can’t thank you enough for so patiently working with me to find my wonderful horse. I am amazed with his fantastic looks, but even more amazed at how calm and forgiving he is of my inexperience. It is one thing for us to put up with our human peculiarities but it’s quite another for the horse to put up with it!

Though I’ve ridden most of my life, I am yet a novice rider. But, I have taken lessons for periods of time from a number of trainers and I will tell you that you opened up a new world of understanding and learning for me.

Where in the past, I might have told a trainer that my horse wasn’t listening to me; the response would have been that my horse was being belligerent and my riding wasn’t good enough. Instead, you showed me that it was me who wasn’t listening to my horse! And I wasn’t necessarily being a bad rider. I was just not being clear enough about what I wanted him to do. You went on to teach me how all important ground work is and how I needed to establish respect on the ground before I could hope to gain it on their back. Your gentle coaching has improved my equitation skills and it has all been fun!

But training my horse, and lessons with me, are just a tiny part of all that you do. Your teachings support all facets of owning and riding a horse. You’ve helped me with grooming, cross ties, taught me what to expect on trails, how to gently cinch the saddle, guided me in getting a saddle fitted and on and on. Most of all, you emphasize safety first.

You’re an example of what top trainers are capable of and should be. You’ve taught me that training is communication with our horses and it works both ways. Your methods, ranging from ground work to riding, are the means to achieving a fluid rider and horse team or, as you’ve often put it: creating a willing and respectful partnership between horse and rider. You practice what you preach.

I’ve had people tell me, “You lucked out in finding such a great horse!” But I tell them it’s really that “I lucked out in finding such a great team to help me find my horse”. Rick and Kim, I’ve already espoused your talent and knowledge to all my fellow equestrians—if I could announce it anymore, I would. I really would like for everyone to know there is a place where safety, top care, respect and knowledge all come together and that place is at Brighton Ridge Farm.

Lydia G., Bellevue WA


Dear friends I have a story to share.

I have a filly that was born in my paddock 12 years ago. I did the best I could to ground train her according to the Richard Shrake books that were passed to me from various neighbor barn circles. This Black Tennessee Walker has a very loveable way to her and had a never ending curiosity. It was so important to me that positive imprinting be a high priority always. With my limited knowledge and funds I reached a point in her training that going any further -Well honestly I was too nervous of making a bad mistake so she and I just hung till her 11th year. Now, in a better financial position I decided to find a trainer to do “right” by this black beauty. I went online and found Brighton Ridge Farm. I proceeded to correspond with Rick Brighton for a couple weeks. I told him my story and detailed history of this girl. Reading his comments and concerns I could see that we were on the same page. Most defiantly Rick was hearing every word I wrote and I held no apprehensions on what were his ideals. Our relationship proceeded with an opening in his schedule that worked for us both or should I say us 4, including my girl. Yes there is a forth party. That would be Kim Brighton. Oh my, I have to say this was a very focused and positive mannered woman. The way I saw these two people communicate I knew something good had to come from the commitment we all decided to venture through to get my girl under saddle.

Needless to say with the understanding that “it was time for my girl to grow up” we made a plan. She had the will and certainly we concurred she was worth the effort. She could have a good life. Rick proceeded with his experience and own quiet manner. My girl soon grew to rely on that for her security and wellbeing. Though she had a couple issues with the environmental changes and had a few set backs with extended precautionary rest, her training progressed with remarkable results. Her health concerns were addressed with utmost professional care. Though I could not visit the barn as much as I would have liked I always knew where the training stood. Rick made time to keep me posted. The first time I on got in the saddle I was so nervous. My poor girl was confused by all the leg and knee action. Ha! She went every direction my shaking legs and hands told her. I swear Rick had such a curious smile as he said I should go ahead relax and breathe. He was soo right. What a difference that made. What a wonderful moment-I had ridden my baby horse. My dream had come true. She was everything I saw from the first time I watched her mirror her mother moves running side by side that Labor Day, first weekend in September 12 years ago.

I have to say that the day we loaded this grown-up girl to go back home my confidence was huge. You see I had my own Life’s Stuff that I was dealing with. Thus the other part of my story is- I really needed something to take care of again and a safe companion. This girl would be the therapy – a better way. I knew if I was to get healthy I had to reintroduce back into my life with a vengeance. I needed this girl. She was ready for me.

Saying good-bye for now to Rick was a tough one. Even more so for my girl. Though she was willing to load up and stand like a good girl for the trip she grumbled the whole way.

We are home and now I’m happy to introduce to you ’Fancy’ my willing and trusting companion in striving for a healthy and better life.

Thank you Rick Brighton “highly disciplined man of quiet excellence” and Kim “woman of positive power”. See you next time.

Yes friends if you can’t tell by now, I am very fond of these two kind souls.

Clarice F., Woodinville WA



Thanks for your time in hearing what my issues are with my 5 year old RM Bombay. We've been doing groundwork and lots of trail rides, but my confidence was shaken with one buck and I knew I had to have some help to keep riding and also learn how to get him to gait.

I really liked how calm and reassuring you are and how you wanted to work on the basics to get a good foundation. You also broke the lesson into steps that I could take home and practice.

I look forward to talking with you when I get back and I can bring Bombay back for some additional training.

Thanks again for the great day!

Heidi W., Kirkland WA


Dear Rick and Kim,
I’ve found that looking for a horse is a daunting task. This time I wanted to do it right…..I wanted the perfect horse for my family. He needed to be calm, sweet, smart and most of all gaited. I’ve always wanted a gaited horse!

Through my web of horsey friends I found you. After talking to you both I knew that we would find the right fit for Bailee (8) and me. I was impressed with the way the two of you work with the horses, treating them with kindness and respect, yet asking and getting their respect.

I was on a mission! We looked at a lot of horses and you helped me thin out the options that weren’t right for me. I respected your opinion from a technical and personality viewpoint. I felt as if we were a team!

When we found Marley I was so excited, he is sweet, smart, calm and gaited! He is such a good boy! Since I found him I’ve learned so much from you about riding technique, trailering and horse behavior. I’m hooked on learning, we will be back!

Debra and Bailee H., Hobart WA


Rick and Kim, I had a check list of things in my mind that I was looking for in a horse and Red has by far exceeded them. It is very obvious the quality of training and care that you both put into the horses. I thought you might like to hear an update on Red and myself at our first endurance ride in July. Rikki, my daughter and I both went in the 30 mile ride. She rode Hollywood. Both the horses were awesome! Red did so well at the 30 mile ride that we are in training for the 50 mile ride in September. I can't tell you how happy I am with him. He is exactly the horse I was looking for. He seems to really love endurance. Most the people have arabs and are very nice but don't know what to make of our gaited rockies. I have gone on a couple of rides with a lady who is trying to qualify for the world cup games in the 100 mile race on her arab. Red has had no problem keeping up with her. He is so great!!!!

Carol C., British Columbia


Rick and Kim, I wanted to let you know Sparkle has now passed her 5th birthday. She is doing awesome! She's the only horse I have ever had who's never reared or bucked under saddle. Not to say that it won't happen, but she is a good girl. I have to contribute her soundness to her foundation training. She loads like there's no tomorrow. She really is a good horse. My grandaughter, Miranda, claims she will never ever sell Sparkle because someone would ruin her. It's hard to believe I let my 12 yr. old granddaughter start riding Sparkle when she was 2 & 3.

Rick, you really know what you are doing when it comes to training a horse. Sparkle was a very lucky horse and so were we. I just couldn't thank you enough for making Sparkle a safe horse.

Sue N., Kent WA


My husband and I have been riding gaited horses now for over 10 years but we have never owned an adolescent gaited horse. We purchased our first young gaited horse 2 years ago, when he was 18 months old.

Rick and Kim trained Rowdy and then trained me on how to work with the horse. They did such a wonderful job with the horse and rider. Rick is a very descriptive and patient trainer with horses and their riders. Thank you Kim and Rick for all of your knowledge and wonderful assistance through this process.

Fran L., Ferndale WA


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim and Rick for sharing their knowledge of Mountain Horses. I am new to gaited horses, and was at a loss as to how to bring along my young horses in a respectful manner. I did not want to use harsh training methods to bring out the gait that is breed into my horses. A 3 hour 1:1 session with them helped me in so many ways. I now have a blueprint to follow and adapt as necessary, to help my horses reach their full potential. I know Rick and Kim will be there to help me with problems I will encounter, either through the internet or a 1:1 session. Their input did not stop when I pulled of their gate.

Once home, playing/working with my horses, my husband noticed the difference immediately in both the horses and myself. He sees the confidence that I have gained and the respect I have gained from my horses.

I look forward to going back to Rick and Kim in a few months and show them our progress, and go to the next level. In general I am so pleased with my Mountain Horses with their intelligence and willingness to work with me. They are such a joy.

Thanks so much Rick and Kim
Wendy R., Pasco WA


It is not only how friendly you are to those visiting your farm but it is the relationship you have to the horses at your farm. You spent a great deal of time just answering my general questions about gaited horses and giving me tips on how to overcome some of my problem areas so they wouldn't become the horse's problem when I did find one. You helped match me up with a horse that is a perfect match for me. She has been the best thing that could have happened for me. You gave me a lot of good information that helped me get off to a good start as a new horse owner. I came away feeling like it wasn't about selling a horse with you but it was about making the perfect match between horse and owner. In my case it has been perfect. She is not just my horse but she is a companion/friend. She has quickly become an important part of our family. I can't thank you enough for providing me with such a wonderful experience. This is the first time in all my years that I have truly bonded with an animal. I have never been much of an outdoors type and have always been afraid of horses. She has become a very important part of my life, a part of life I never understood before. She is a very special horse.

Grace C., Lacey WA


It is difficult to put into words how much I have valued my experience with you both over the past several years. You have both been wonderful people to deal with, willing to share your wisdom and experience, calmly, professionally, and always friendly. You brought in a nice mix of humor with your instruction so I felt comfortable and at ease when learning knew things. I have never doubted your honesty and integrity after all these years. When I first met you I knew nothing about Mountain Horses. I now have a fun, rewarding relationship with the horse of my dreams, thanks to you, and I am so grateful for all that you've taught me about this incredible breed, natural horsemanship training, and balanced riding. I would highly recommend you to others who are looking for an honest, knowledgable horse trainer and breeder. Thanks for doing what you do, doing it well, and for sharing it with the rest of us!

Karen N., Hobart WA


I have known Rick and Kim for ten years - since I first joined the Mountain Horse breeds. Because of how impressed I was with their approach to the horses and to horse-people, I have referred friends and family to them to buy their own Mountain Horse. Rick and Kim are kind, gentle people who care about horses and the people who interact with them. You will never see harsh training methods with horses, nor condescension towards people, as you so often see with other trainers. You can trust Rick and Kim to train your horse, sell a horse for you and ensure it goes to a good home, and sell one of their own horses to a friend or family member. I have done all three and would not hesitate to do so again! In fact, I'm on the list to bring another of my own horses in for training. I know the horse will come back to me gentle, trained and with a willingness to partner with me.

I have recommended the Brightons to others for many years and would continue to do so. I know that in the sometimes-risky world of buying or selling horses, you will get only honesty and ethical treatment from Rick and Kim. This is good for people and for the horses we love and care about.

I have thought highly of both of you for many years and am hopeful I can get Starlet on the training list soon, too! You have always made me feel welcome and at ease and I appreciate both of you so much!

Lisa R., Vashon Island WA

All my life I have wanted horses but until I met Rick and Kim Brighton it just never happened. My friend had offered me a free horse and I went to see it. While riding it, it reared up, hit me in the head, knocked me off and ran away. It was at that time that I realized I was no longer as young as I used to be and I was looking at the wrong horse. My husband found Rick and Kim on the Internet so we flew up to look at their Rocky Mountain horses that we had never heard of before. We loved the horses and bought two. We have since retired and now have eight Rockies with a brand new filly on the ground. We have bought all our horses through Rick and Kim and love them all.

Rick and Kim’s method uses a combination of Clinton Anderson, Richard Shrake and lots of other notable trainers. They have developed their own style and are oh so knowledgeable about so many things. They train, breed, certify, shoe, trim and give advice on saddles, bridles, tack and nutrition. My whole life has changed because we found the right horse but mostly because Rick and Kim are so much more than trainers. They are kind, thoughtful people that are truly interested in helping people love, be safe and competent on these great horses. Rick and Kim have helped us with so many decisions about our horses and our goals. Rick started each of our young horses and he was amazing to watch. He has such a presence that is kind, yet firm and the horses respond quickly to him. It is truly impressive to watch. Our mare was bred at Rick and Kim’s and Rick left his cell phone on and we talked to him during the birth of our new filly in the middle of the night!! Both Rick and Kim have my highest recommendation as trainers but more than that they are unequaled as just good, ethical, kind people trying to help people.

Steve and Jo B., Elk WA


I brought my 3-yr-old RMH gelding to you back in January 2007 to get an evaluation and to get him certified with the RMH Association. You not only got him certified but also gave me good solid information regarding where my horse was at and what you felt he needed in order to improve his gait and turn him into the reliable trail horse I need him to be. I found you to be very knowledgeable and professional. I also found you to be very friendly and really willing to help me with the issues I was having – something I found refreshing. Your method of treating each horse as an individual and taking the time it takes to get the job done right really stood out with me. I decided to bring my horse back to you in October 2007 for further training and to get him finished. I took a leap and decided to keep him with you as long as it took to get him to where I wanted him to be and I have not been disappointed! The time spent has really paid off and has been just what my horse needed. You’ve also kept me informed during the training process. In doing so, I feel confident that when we’re both through with our training, I will have what it takes to maintain the relationship you’ve helped me develop with him.

When I brought my horse to you, he was pushy, not very willing, and his gait was choppy at times and inconsistent. Well, he’s no longer pushy, he’s much more relaxed and willing, and his gait is greatly improved. Issues I had with him in the past are no longer there. Although I’ve had to adjust the way I was doing things, I’ve taken your advice and have really noticed a difference in the way my horse responds to me. This has taken a bit of a commitment on my part, but it has really paid off. I’m finally building the relationship with my horse that I’ve always wanted!

You guys not only really know what you’re doing when it comes to training horses and do it very well, you are also good at working with people to teach them what they need to know to establish and maintain that willing and respectful partnership I think we all hope to have with our horses. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. You guys are the best!

Claudia L., Redmond WA


Rick has trained four of my horses, including my stallion, and each horse came back focused, calm, willing, and trained right. The certification videos put together by Rick and Kim are thorough, and the still photos taken by Kim are quality photography. When I work with Rick and Kim, they are caring of my horse, respectful to me as the horse owner, and encouraging. Their farm is clean, well-laid out, and run proficiently. I very much appreciate working with both of them.

Rick is firm, but patient and kind with the horses, which is the best environment for them to be trained in. I highly, and often, recommend Rick to people who need their horse trained or re-trained. I have complete confidence in Rick’s horse handling skills and know that my horses have a better life through proper training.

Rick and Kim Brighton have my sincere gratitude for going beyond that extra step for me and my horses. They are truly a great asset to the mountain horse community. Thanks for being there!

Beth C., Rain City Rockies, Poulsbo WA


I am an adult beginning rider who had just started to take lessons. When I saw a horse posted on Brighton Ridge Farm's website, I contacted Rick, who was very thoughtful in his evaluation of my skills and whether the horse would be a good match for both me and the horse. We eventually were able to go and look at the horse. Rick had extensive knowledge of the horse's capabilities and was able to help me work with the horse to understand what those capabilities were.

In my opinion, it is very important to have a seller who knows the horse and is selective about selling that horse to ensure a good match for the horse and rider. Rick was exactly that - he wasn't as interested as selling the horse to the first buyer that came along, but rather, ensuring that the match between horse and prospective buyer would be mutually acceptable.

We couldn't be happier with the service and time we received from Rick and Kim when purchasing a horse. We also love the horse we got. If we ever need to get another horse, we will seriously consider returning to them because of their honest dealings and love of the animals they have.

Molly H. and Dave L., Middleton ID


I think Rick is the best Gaited Horse trainer in Western Washington. I sent my colt to Rick to start. Rick changed him from a raw colt to a polite responsive calm riding horse in just 3 months. And Rick kept me up to date on his training progress at least once a week. Rick and Kim then sold my colt for me in a couple of months to a really great home. I couldn't be more satisfied with their services and would recommend them without reservations. I just hope Rick has room to train my next colt.

Paul C., Vashon Island WA


My experience dealing with you has been a most pleasant one. I found you to be most personable and sensitive to my needs. You have helped tremendously in making my horse so much more obedient and forward and in explaining in detail the way to encourage and reward him for his progress.

I would happily recommend your training facility to anyone in need of help with their horses because your method is so gentle and respectful to the horse. Because of your patience and hard work I feel confident that I will have a reliable trail companion.

Daniele H., Langley BC


My experience with you was great. As soon as I met you two I knew that you were dedicated to matching the right horse to the buyer and that I could trust you. You both went way above and beyond to sell me the perfect horse meant for me. I also quickly realized that you had a sincere compassion for your horses and concern for their well being after the sale. You helped me find the perfect equine companion. I would recommend you to anyone who was in the market for a good quality sound gaited horse. Or to any one who was looking for lessons or training for their horse.

Jerry and Emmy C., Gig Harbor WA


My husband and I purchased two Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses from Brighton Ridge Farm three years ago. We couldn't have been more pleased with both the horses themselves and the service we received from Rick and Kim, who are both very talented with their horses. They provided exemplary customer service via phone calls and e-mails. We were complete novices when we purchased Star and Skyy and the breed couldn't have been a better match. We think our horses are the most level-headed and surefooted trail horses on the ranch where they board.

Gwen B. and Alex S., Ojai CA


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