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Rick's Gaited Horse clinics are designed to help riders and horses of all levels and disciplines. If you feel drawn to taking your personal skill development and your relationship with your horse to the next level, these clinics are for you!

Host a Clinic or Invite Rick to an Expo

Thank you for your interest in organizing a Rick Brighton Horsemanship clinic. We can work together to create a rewarding learning experience for all involved.
To book a clinic or expo, contact us at 425-226-6943 or horses@brightonridge.com.

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Gaited Horsemanship Clinic
This clinic is designed for every gaited horse owner and rider (novice to advanced). Using gentle and humane techniques, it helps you be safe and teaches how to bring out the best in you and your gaited horse. You'll learn techniques to:

  • get your horse more relaxed, willing, and trusting
  • cue and reward your horse to better understand what you want
  • develop your horse's muscle memory for soundness and a smooth walk and gait
  • understand your horse better...help improve your horse's gait from the pace or trot
  • improve rider position and balance
  • learn how to improve your feel and timing
  • focus on communication with aids versus control, encouraging your horse to listen to you
  • identify saddle and bitting issues
  • discuss shoeing and trimming concerns
  • how nutrition can help or hurt your horse
  • trail etiquette: learn how to walk your horse on the trail with non gaited horses
  • despooking and how to approach obstacles
  • learn lateral moves (turn on forehand and haunches, side pass)
  • develop a better relationship with your horse
  • for novice and advanced riders
  • individual time with each horse and rider evaluating the gait, and recommendations to help improve it.
  • clinic includes groundwork related to riding, tack evaluation, and riding the gaited horse

Clinic options: 1 day, 2 day or 3 day, unlimited auditors

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Daily Ground Manners Clinic

This clinic is especially helpful for horse owners that would like to learn how to be safe, increase their confidence, and improve how their horse behaves when doing every day horse care tasks. Rick will show how to teach you and your horse to have good manners for common ground handling activities like:

  • Haltering - does your horse quietly give you their head? or do they raise their head? try to bite you?, push on you?
  • Leading - horse ahead of you?, behind you like an anchor?
  • Turning - do they go with you? walk into you? or not pay attention?
  • Stopping - does your horse stop with you? or push ahead where they want to go... not paying attention to you?
  • Backing - freely? or brace up? rear? not back up straight?
  • Tieing - do they stand quietly? or paw, chew on lead rope, move around?
  • Grooming - does your horse stand quietly to be groomed? or move around? paw? get nervous or angry? when brushing face, body, mane and tail?
  • Fly spray - horse is scared, flinches, pulls back, sensitive to the noise and feel on their body?
  • Cleaning feet - are they relaxed and give you their foot quietly? or reluctant to pick up their foot, nervous or angry?, pull on you, take it away, try to lay down or kick?
  • Clipping - horse pulls away, is scared and ready to bolt, won't stand still, have to use a twitch?
  • Tacking up - doesn't stand still for saddle pad and saddle, gets scared or mad when cinching up, avoids allowing bit in it's mouth, raises head for bridling, head shy, fusses with bit?
  • Stand to mount - does your horse walk off before you get in the saddle? won't stand next to a mounting block? moves away from mounting block?
  • Blanketing - horse is scared, moves away, won't stand still and relaxed, has rub marks?

Clinic options: 2 or 3 hour workshop, 1 day, 2 day, limited to 8 riders, unlimited auditors
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What People are Saying...

"Rick Brighton offers the best training for not only gaited horses and their owners, but for all breeds and owners. His 'no drama, easy going approach' made it obvious from the start that this would be a day about learning and not about show. Shadow and I both learned so much from his clinic that I am telling all my friends. Can't wait for Part 2!"

AnneMarie Lewis


I was really nervous about attending my first clinic with a new horse who had never been in an indoor arena. Rick and Kim made the entire day fun and relaxing. Rick's calm and direct style of teaching is a great combination for both rider and horse. I loved my time learning about gaited horses and look forward to the next opportunity I have to attend another clinic. If you are nervous about attending your first clinic, don't be, Rick is an amazing teacher and you will have a great day of learning and bonding with your horse.

Trudy Jewhurst


After 4 months of training by a paso specialist with a good reputation in the paso community, that trainer declared my horse "has no gait" and tried to sell me a control halter he developed. Seeking a second opinion led me to Rick. Rick's explanations are clear, his techniques are effective, and he helped me take a young, restless horse with "no gait" and enjoy one who will stand quietly and perform his gait. Same horse, one day. No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no special equipment necessary, just a desire to improve my horsemanship with a gaited horse. I learned skills to practice and help develop consistency in gait with this horse. A day very well spent.

Michelle Van Dyke


This was my first clinic with my newly acquired gaited horse, and it was a game changer. I arrived wondering if I was in over my head and maybe I should just sell her. What Rick taught made so much sense and with guidance during the groundwork portion I slowly developed more confidence as the day progressed. By the end of the day I was practically euphoric, very happy that I had the horse I had and looking forward to using what I had learned. I am anxious for part 2!

Susan Alexander


In these days of high expectations and corner cutting in training by some trainers, it's nice to experience Rick and Kim's emphasis on building a horse's gaits through a quiet, solid foundation of control and communication between horse and rider through the walk. During the clinics, horses and riders develop right before your eyes. It's a thrilling experience to see this happen and Rick and Kim do an outstanding job. You're on our "A list".

Michelle LeVar and Mike Bryarly


I loved the clinic. What I liked most was that you showed us the importance of ground work and arena work and how it translates in to a calmer more responsive horse. That if all you do is trail ride you will just have a horse that you kick to go and pull to stop. Use what your horse likes as a reward and change your approach to fit your horse. I always thought arena and ground work was boring but that is because I didn't know what to work on and didn't understand the connection and benefit. I also learned there is another level of communication besides your voice and your hands and that is your seat. You can ask your horse to stop with your seat. Pretty cool. I learned alot. I would take another if you came back.

Joni Michels


I came to the clinic with a horse I have owned for less than 2 months. This is my first gaited horse. For me, getting the step by step ground work down before riding built a great foundation for understanding how my horse moves and reacts. I will use these techniques not only with my gaited horse but with my quarter horse as well.

Kathy Roff


I feel that the methods you teach are effective and you are a wonderful advocate for the horse. My horse and I both appreciate learning in the "green zone".

Deborah V.


As my first time auditing this clinic, I enjoyed the relaxed/quiet demeanor of the clinician and his consideration for the horse, while taking home some pointers to incorporate with my Paso Fino. The ground work portion can be applied to any type of horse, gaited or not. Very practical... LOVED the turtle walk transitions! :-)



I just love how you are so kind and soft with our horses, and that you teach us that. You spend the time it takes with each rider and horse until we "get it". Thank you again Rick and Kim for being such good and kind people.

Lennie Harris


Rick Brighton is a competent, skilled clinician. With his calm, confident manner, Rick helps guide you at your level and helps you attain your goals. His clinics are delivered in a fun manner and filled with practical and useful advice.

Thanks to both you and Kim, Carole Stow


I was able to understand the concept and instructions. Rick was very patient even when I made a mistake.

Andrea Crispin


I really appreciate people like you that make the time to help people to over come problems they are having with their horse. My father always said no one ever knows everything about anything. So I always want to learn things before I have gone too far into the problem area... before it gets too ingrained in their brain once that happens it becomes a habit which is much harder to correct. I have been practicing what you have taught me at the Expo and the DVD I bought last summer and now I've had the oppurtunity to have you instruct me a bit more one on one. My colt is still very young and he's got a long way to go. But through persistance and patience I can already see how he is just starting to develop his muscles to be gaiting. Thankyou !! and I hope you are close enough again so I can come to another clinic.

Thank you, Tianay Friend Reagan


I have taken a couple of horse clinics, however this was my first with Rick. He has a great way of explaining not only gaiting techniques, but basic horsemanship skills as well, making it easy to understand and apply to our horses. Every horse in the clinic left a better horse and each rider with an understanding of the work to be continued at home. Rick's demeanor was quiet, kind and caring. He took the time to explain in detail each of the steps in whatever we were working on. Rick was observant and corrected our efforts while we were working and was quick to acknowledge when we were making good progress. I particularly was impressed with Rick when a couple of the horses brought challenges to the training, Rick was very professional, never letting emotion come into play and was always patient and consistent. I believe this is pivotal in good trainers and training. At the completion of the clinic, I left knowing I had the tools to continue my training at home and with a desire to further the instruction in a "part 2" clinic.

Lynda Graham


I am new to Gaited Horses. I purchased my Tennessee Walker, Desert, nearly 7 months ago. When I bought him, all he knew how to do was trot and canter because the people I bought him from were sport horse owners and they broke him of gaiting as they were not familiar with gaited horses. Thinking this should not be too difficult to get him back to gaiting since he is a registered TWH and was bred for gaiting, I soon discovered that it was not going to be a walk in the park. After about a month of my horse throwing fits every time I turned around because I wouldn’t let him be a trotter... I found information about Rick and the clinics he was giving in Northern Washington as well as his Gaited Horsemanship Video and I had to give him a call to seek information and advice. He was gracious with his time, explaining a lot to me about muscle memory and shoeing and a ton of other great information. I purchased his video and it was on my door step within 3 days. I watched the video probably 10 times and felt like I learned something new every time I watched it with the groundwork tips, and I will say both my horse and I have come a long way since I bought him. I was so happy with the turn around I worked with Rick and organized a Clinic at the barn where I board as well as attended the Washington State Horse Expo with my horse for 2 clinics and rode him in the breed parade. Then Rick traveled all the way down to Southwest Washington again to instruct the clinic which went awesome. We had several different breeds of gaited horses all of which had different quirks and needs. He provided great one on one tips and instructions to each of us and at the end of the day we all learned something new, which includes our horses. I know I still have a lot to learn... lots of practice and persistence, but I am thrilled with our progress and look forward to planning a follow up clinic in a few months to continue to better myself and my boy Desert. Thank you Rick... for all you have done... You totally ROCK !!

Linda Amundsen


I thought it was a good clinic. Helpful suggestions and I picked up some different ideas to my mare paying attention. I would do another one.

Barbara Zimmerly


I've been to two clinics and enjoyed them both. Each time I've learned different skills and realize I've got many more to learn.

Kathy A.


Rick obviously knows horses and respects the relationship that can be built. I gained an appreciation for my skill level as part of that relationship. If I can understand my horse's movements and how to help improve them in a gentle and clear manner, then it stands to reason that my mutual respect relationship with my horse will also grow.



I really enjoyed this clinic. I will be able to go home and understand how to continue working to better my ride at home and on the trail. I bought the DVD for the ability to review all the great instruction for continued successes!

Shirley Todhunter


The gaited horsemanship clinic offered by Rick Brighton was just the ticket to make me feel more connected to my horse and motivated for us to go farther as a team. Thanks!

Amanda Bevill


I had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about my Rocky Mountain’s gait in a Gaited Horse Clinic taught by Rick Brighton. The Clinic was held in an open arena that was located adjacent to a heavily traveled intersection, and we did not have any of the horses spook from the farm equipment, Harleys or large trucks and 18 wheelers, that traveled through the area. Rick exhibited patience and calm, and the horse and rider felt his calm demeanor. It was a great Clinic and I learned a wealth of information from Rick that will help my horse interpret what I am trying to convey to him, and make my ride enjoyable as well as safe through the forest of NW Washington.

Fran Lonnon


I felt completely at ease at Rick's clinic, mostly due to his approachable style. Not once did I feel judged, or have the feeling that he was being condescending (which I have experienced from other trainers). This helped me to relax and get the most out of the instruction. Thank you!

Lori Nash


Rick has unique, effective skills in working with horses and people. He is able to analyze and describe corrections for getting your horses to gait - even those most difficult with pacing and trotting tendencies.

Wallace Groda


I really appreciate Rick's positive attitude and calm manner he has in dealing with the horse and the rider. I have been to other clinics where the instructor used sarcasm in an attempt to be humorous and I found it to be demeaning and embarrasing. Rick is really nice and positive - Never puts down a horse or rider. I now understand my horse and his gait better. Very beneficial day for me and my horse!

Trish Groda


This was my second clinic with Rick. I really enjoy working with him. He is so nice and understanding. Never feel intimidated and really appreciate the time he takes with each horse and rider. I hope to work with Rick again, either privately or in a clinic. He is the kind of horseman and person that is a pleasure to know.

Stacie Trigg

Rick has a great way of leading horses and riders. His patient and quiet approach makes it easy for horse and rider to learn.

Gisele Sassen


Rick does a great job of instruction and reasons that make a horse gait. He explains that it is the rider in partnership with his horse that makes the gaiting experience possible. Great job!

Rich Barber

I thoroughly enjoyed this clinic. It was very informative and I learned a great deal. It's the 2nd clinic I've taken from Rick, the first one being just after I purchased my gaited horse. Rick covered several areas of concern; getting my horse to slow her walk to that of a "normal" horse, collection at the walk, and ground work to get my horse listening to me and my ques.

Suzy Hannus

Rick is a professional trainer. This is his living and he's very dedicated. I've had him work with 3 different TWH's we have for different training issues from colt starting, two of them to gain human trust with one that had been mishandled. His focus is on clear cues for safety and trust. Great trainer!

Debra Curtis

Excellent quality to workshop - especially appreciated gentle quiet approach. Thanks so much!

Adele Barilleoux


Rick's obviously effective way with horses is much better than the rough and ready manner I was exposed to as a kid. I'm learning a lot and quickly.

Mark Hungerford

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