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Rick’s horsemanship program helps riders learn how to ride a horse and handle a horse safely from the ground. Riders will also learn how to improve their communication, feel, timing, and their horse’s gait using a quiet, gentle approach. His sought after techniques are simple, easy to understand, and follow. He teaches how to work with your horse using a good heart and being respectful to them, building trust and confidence in both horse and rider. Rick custom fits each lesson to the individual horse and rider with a focus on safety in a relaxed setting.

Resistance Free Horsemanship Lessons
- 1 hour, private (your horse or ours)
- 1 hour, group
- Lesson Packages
5 lessons = $225 ($25 cost savings)
10 lessons =$425 ($75 cost savings)
- Distance video lesson

Horse and Rider Evaluations
- complete evaluation of horse and rider
- includes tack, and shoeing assessment
- Distance or on site evaluations

Lesson topics:

  • Daily horse handling/care techniques: Haltering, leading, tying, cleaning feet, grooming, blanketing, saddling, cinching, put on the bridle, bitting, fly spray, clipping, standing to mount, feeding, horse management, trailer loading; body language and good energy for horses that are lazy, energetic, afraid, or dominant; where to safely be around your horse while doing different tasks; round pen techniques
  • Under saddle: mounting and dismounting; getting your horse to stand; bending; backing; leg cues; seat aids; rein management; clear signals with the reins, seat, and legs; learn how to be consistent; when and how to reward the horse; relaxed and collected walk; understanding intermediate gait; how to build muscle memory to improve the quality and speed of the gait; to canter or not canter?; being in balance; obstacles; being a good leader; build trust and confidence; safely and effectively going away from and back to barn or horse trailer

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